Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Journal publication
I have manage to finish a first draft of the journal publication so far. I spent yesterday running tests and grabbing screenshots as well as generating graphs to add in to the publication. This morning I managed to finish up the writing of the journal. I've sent the draft to my supervisors for early feedback and awaiting a response.

Book Chapter
I'm still continuing to write the book chapter. I have finished writing half of the chapter and there is still plenty more work to go. I still need to finish off the key management and the data sharing sections of the chapter. Although moving slowly, progress is being made on it every day.

Developed HeartBeat System
I've managed to get a clearer ECG waveform on the app now. It's still not perfect but still there is work to be done. I've also implemented visualisation of the ECG in the Java Client application. The client can now view, copy, and even save the ECG visualisation to a PNG image file. Also, the client can print the ECG visualisation for offline viewing and analysis.
Also, I'm still working on implementing automated ECG waveform analysis. I'm currently reading a past student's thesis to get idea and have looked at MIT-BIH website. I can try to implement something once I get a clear ECG waveform from the app. I will be looking at my code again to see where I can improve and try to get a smoother curve.

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