Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Regarding my progress so far, I am currently doing plenty of writing. I have nearly finished writing the journal and still making progress writing the book chapter. The last few weeks were mostly spent reading literature and writing in parallel.

I also presented a demo of the heart beat system to the Chief Scientist at CSIRO where my supervisor and a number of other CSIRO members were present. It was recommended that I try to produce a clearer ECG waveform and learn to classify the ECG waveform to detect any arrhythmias. I was given a past student's thesis to read and get a better understanding of ECG waveforms. It was also recommended that I look at 'MIT-BIH' as a reference for classifying ECG waveforms. Currently I am reading through the papers and will later change my application to incorporate these ideas.

Also, this week I attended the CSIRO ICT conference for a short while and met a few other PhD students working on different projects. Also, this week I submitted the first milestone deliverable to Rafael.

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